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17 packing tips from a regular traveller

We’ve been travelling regularly for over a decade now, and have had to learn a lot of things about packing right. Here are 17 packing tips that could come in handy on your next trip.

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A hidden gem in Kampala: Kardamom & Koffee

If you’re in Kampala and looking to take it easy for a few hours, head over to the cosy Kardamom & Koffee for some delicious, fresh-made eats and brilliant conversation. And maybe even pick up a few things to brighten up your home on the way out.

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This is what it’s like to visit the Charminar early in the morning

Nothing says Hyderabad like the Charminar. The 400 year-old monument and mosque was built when Hyderabad was founded, and is still the symbol of the city today. And though it’s impressive at any time of day, we decided to try and avoid the crowds and the summer heat by going at 7:00 AM in the morning.

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