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20 spectacular travel pictures we’ve taken so far

From Germany to the Seychelles, and from all across India, here are 20 spectacular travel photographs we’ve taken during our travels so far.


We first started really travelling in 2007, with a trip to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Since then, we’ve been to quite a few places, seen quite a few things and had quite a few experiences.

20150525_091654 copy for blog.JPG
This is what the tea estate life must have been like

The view into the misty valley from the courtyard of the O’Land Plantation’s estate house, in the Nilgiri hills. Our holiday there was peaceful and relaxing, spent soaking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding tea estate and its resident wildlife.

Brussels - Breakwater.JPG
Gulls on the breakwater

Seagulls take a break on one of the many breakwaters at the beach-side town of Nieuwpoort in Belgium. Our day trip here was part of a quick visit to my aunt in Brussels, before we began our road trip through Germany.

20150913_182240 copy for blog
Few views get better than this

The incredible view of a neighbouring village from the hills around Gau-Algesheim in Germany. We took it easy in the Rhine valley for a few days, before heading off on the next leg of our road trip.

Sunset at Ainring from the Rupertihof parking lot

The sunset over a meadow in the village of Ainring, Bavaria. This little village on the border between Germany and Austria was the base for our visit to Salzburg, a day before we headed off to Munich.

Andamans - Ross Island lighthouse
Watch out for the rocks!

The old lighthouse on Ross Island, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. We visited this abandoned penal colony, with it’s overgrown ruins, during our first real beach vacation.

Bhutan - Takstang.jpg
The perfect place to feel spiritual

The spectacular Taktsang Lhakhang—the ‘Tiger’s Nest’ monastery—near Paro, Bhutan. It was our first real vacation together, and the sight was undeniably one of its highlights. It took us three hours to hike up here, but it was worth it!

Leh - Road trip 1
Shall we begin?

The seemingly endless Himalayan foothills beckon. This was taken from the Leh-Srinagar highway, during a trip to Ladakh, India—supposedly the highest desert in the world.

This is how a biker enjoys the beach

A sunset ride on the firm wet sand of Mandarmani beach, about 170 kilometers from Kolkata. We treated ourselves to two days at the beach at the end of our road trip up India’s east coast.


Robbie the conservationist drags a dinghy into the water on Bird Island, the Seychelles. Our three days on this island gave us some of the best memories of our holiday in this little island nation.

Goa - Ride down the river.JPG
All rivers lead to the sea

A fisherman’s house (presumably) along the banks of the Mandovi river near Panjim in Goa, India. We decided to take a slightly unconventional holiday in Goa that time, and saw and did things most visitors don’t.

Gujarat - Walking in the Rann.JPG
Trudging through the salt desert

Walking in the Great Rann of Kutch, the vast salt desert in Gujarat, India. While our trip to the Kutch district was mainly to take a look at its rich handicrafts, we turned it into a holiday to remember.

Hampi - Rice field sunrise.jpg
South Indian sunrise

The sunrise reflects off rice fields near Hampi, India. During one of our trips to these ancient ruins, we decided to stay on the other side of the river from the village, in a tiny guesthouse next to a lake. This was the view from our door.

Wuppertal - View from window.jpg
A room with a view

This was the view from our attic room at my uncle’s house in Wuppertal, Germany. Cologne, with its famous cathedral, is a half hour’s drive from here, so we just had to visit.

Munich - Nymphenburg palace.jpg
The palace and its pond

The Nymphenburg palace and the pond on its vast grounds make a pretty picture in Munich, Germany. Since the dates of our roadtrip through Germany coincided nicely with those of the legendary Oktoberfest here, we couldn’t help but take part in the revelry ourselves.

The world at one’s feet

The Teesta river flows through the valley between the states of West Bengal and Sikkim in north-eastern India. One of the things we did during our short visit to Kalimpong was drive down the mountain to the river, admiring the view all the way.

Jenner - Cablecars in the mist.jpg
Mysterious journeys

A cable car floats through the clouds on the side of the Jenner mountain in Bavaria, Germany. We visited once we were done with Salzburg and Ainring, and when we got to the top, we found that the views were amazing, despite the clouds and the drizzle.

Lakshadweep - Bangaram boat.jpg
Onward, towards Bangaram

The shuttle boat transfers us from the ferry to Bangaram island, one of the Lakshadweep Islands off India’s south-west coast. Though expensive, this was one of the most memorable beach vacations we’ve had so far.

Leh - Mountains from plane.jpg
So close, yet so far away

The Himalaya mountain range, as seen from the flight out of Leh. The colossal size of these mountains made them seem almost close enough to touch, constantly confusing us plains-dwellers during our holiday in Ladakh.

Rajasthan - Mehrangarh battlements.JPG
The blue city

Jodhpur, India and its typical blue-painted houses as seen from the massive Mehrangarh fort in its center. This invincible fortress was one of the many wonderful things we saw during our trip through Rajasthan, India.

Wuerzburg - View down the side of the castle.jpg
One of the many churches in the old town

A view of the town and the river Main from the walls of Wuerzburg’s Marienberg fortress. Wuerzburg was our first stop on our journey down Germany’s ‘romantic road’, a route lined with evocative medieval towns and villages in Bavaria.

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