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Video diary: The best of our memories of Africa

Riding over river rapids. Trekking through Martian landscapes. Swimming over surreal coral reefs. And, of course, admiring the breathtaking wildlife. This short video has best of our memories of Africa.

In June 2018, we did what we had always dreamed of doing; we took our very first trip to Africa! For three weeks, we took in the sights of Kenya and Uganda. And when it was time to go, we realized that we had just scratched the surface!

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During our time in Uganda, we explored charming Kampala and watched a brilliant cultural performance. We spent time with our aunt and uncle as they ran their boutique and cafe, Kardamom & Koffee. And we went river rafting on the source of the river Nile at Jinja.

In Kenya, we did some hard driving and were rewarded with encounters with elephants, lions, rhinoceroses and giraffes. And after a week of driving, we took some time off on the Kenyan coast at Malindi. A trek through the nearby Hell’s Kitchen depression at Marafa gave our holiday a surreal twist. And swimming with the fish over the reefs of the Malindi Marine National Park was the perfect antidote to all the driving.

Take a look at the best of our many memories of Africa!

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I took the footage for this video with my trusty Canon EOS 200D DSLR camera, and the quite-cool GoPro Hero5 action camera (with the Gudsen AirCross gimbal stabilizer). For lenses, I used a friend’s amazing Canon 100-400mm zoom lens, and my always-reliable Canon 18-55mm wide-angle lens and Canon 55-250mm medium zoom lens. I even used some footage shot on my solid old Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) phone. Click the links to check out the latest offers on Amazon.


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