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The Pet Cafe: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot

Whether you’re looking to pamper your pet, exchange notes with other pet parents or just hang out with pet people over good eats, The Pet Cafe is for you.

Pet-pampering venues are few and far between in Hyderabad. Enter The Pet Cafe, a hangout for four-legged furries and their two-legged companions. With menus and toys for both, and an easy-going atmosphere, this cosy café is one day-long ‘pawty’! Bonus: The Pet Cafe is right above the Allvet Pet Clinic. Does your furry friend tend to have their feathers (and fur) ruffled by a visit to the vet? Nothing some pet-friendly ice-cream won’t soothe!

The Pet Cafe is run by two ardent animal lovers, Deven Baheti and Shruti Darak. Besides taking care of the café’s operations, Deven runs the Deven’s Hope animal rescue center out of his basement. Shruti is the force behind kitchen of The Pet Cafe, and has also co-founded A Place to Bark, a shelter for abandoned dogs. Together, they know exactly what it takes for you and your furry friend to have a good time. That’s why the café is laid out so that both four-legged and two-legged guests can have fun.

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Signboard - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
The deceptively simple signboard says it all
Deven Baheti - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
Deven with a furry guest

Fun for everyone

For the four-legged variety, there’s lots of mats laid out on the floor and plenty of toys for the asking. There’s a dedicated water bowl in one corner. And there’s even a private room for some quiet R&R time. If you prefer to stand upright, there’s plenty of seating space, most of it on the long community bar table. Perfect for socializing over pet-parent stories of a quick game of jenga! And if you’re the quiet type who prefers the company of books to that of people, there’s a bookcase full of them of to choose from while you wait for your eats.

Community table - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
The community table, perfect for socializing
Golden retriever - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
Boris wants to join in the fun!
Corner - Pet cafe
A quiet corner with books and a water bowl
Low table and menu - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
A low table in the corner
Pug and burgers - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
This pug isn’t interested if the food isn’t for him

Perfect for a pet-date

Speaking of eats, The Pet Cafe is a great place for that lunch or dinner date you’ve always wanted to take your furry friend on. Not only does it have lots of drool-worthy snacks and meals for your fur buddy, you’ve got a lot to choose from, too. The menu has short eats ranging from nachos and sandwiches to muesli and peanut butter crackers, with plenty of juices, mocktails, shakes and desserts thrown in. Of course, since the café is run by animal lovers, the two-legged menu is vegetarian, and even has a small vegan section.

Pet menu - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
The pet menu: enough to make anyone’s mouth water
human menu - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
Eats and drinks for everyone

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The opening day experience

We went on opening day, and—just in case—without our mischievous little pawtner in crime. It was great to see so many six-legged couples there, eating, drinking and generally having a good time. Doggies were chasing each other around the room, kitties were climbing over people, and we were sitting in a corner watching the fun. Our plan was to have lunch at the café, so we ordered a bunch of things from the menu. Nachos, fries, sandwiches, and ‘mini poofs of happiness’—little burgers with potato patties—arrived one by one. And we polished them off with relish, washing them down with lots of juice. Everything was just what you would want from a place like this: light, tasty café-style eats and drinks, perfect for a few hours out with your furrier half.

potato burger - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
A ‘little poof of happiness’ with extra chilli flakes
Fries and juice - The Pet Café: Hyderabad’s new pawty hotspot
Fiery peri-peri fries, washed down with juice drunk through reusable straws

How to get there

The Pet Cafe is just off Road number 2, Banjara Hills. At the traffic signal near the Harley-Davidson, turn off the main road. Turn right at the next crossing, and look for the signboard of the Allvet Pet Clinic on your right. The Pet Cafe is on the first floor of the same building. Use this Google Maps location to navigate

Ambitious plans for the future

The Pet Cafe threw open its doors on 8 August, 2018, and it’s already got ambitious plans for the future. Weekly regional specials on the menu and an expanded space are just some of the things that are on the cards. So if you’ve got a furry friend you’d love to pamper, The Pet Cafe merits watching!

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