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Irfan Quader (IQ) profile pictureI’ve always been serious about enjoying myself. In school and college, I studied just enough to get by because I thought the extra effort needed to get top marks wasn’t worth it, and I would much rather spend that time doing stuff I liked.

Things didn’t change much once I grew up and got a job. I resented the fact that I had to work all sorts of hours for the same pay, and without having much time for myself. So six years into my ‘career’, I decided the whole thing wasn’t worth it. I was married by then but, with my new bride’s backing, I quit and turned freelance. I made less money, but had more time to do what I wanted—whether that was trekking to a remote monastery in Bhutan with my wife, going on a 2,000-kilometer road trip to Kolkata with a bunch of bikers, or just sitting at home in Hyderabad playing xBox for hours.

That was nine years ago. Things haven’t changed much since then.

This is me: Hyderabadi, freelance writer, communications consultant, traveller, foodie, rum enthusiast, animal lover, biker, and armchair musician; and this blog is about my—or actually, our (I’m married, remember?)—stories of living the good life.

Irfan Quader (IQ)

P.S. The Hyderabad I live in is the one in Telangana, India. Not the other one.


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