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17 packing tips from a regular traveller

We’ve been travelling regularly for over a decade now, and have had to learn a lot of things about packing right. Here are 17 packing tips that could come in handy on your next trip.

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Fun and healthy recipe: Mushroom and broccoli pizza with homemade tomato sauce

If you’re looking for ideas to make a meal special but still keep it guilt-free, this healthy recipe is for you. It brings together veggies and just the right amount of richness and flavour. And since they say a Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest around, even better!

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My 50th blog post, and a roundup of my top 10 posts so far

It’s been a little more than year since I started this travel blog, and it’s been tough but fun! Though I’ve enjoyed writing everything I’ve published, here are the top 10 posts I’ve enjoyed writing the most.

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