Charminar - Hyderabad itineraries and things to do

Travel infographic: What to do in Hyderabad

This 400 year-old city has much to offer in terms of culture, history and cuisine. Here are some of the top things to see and do in Hyderabad.

Over most of its 400-year history, Hyderabad’s been a place where lots of different cultures and traditions have come together. People from Persia, Turkey, Arabia, northern India, and even Europe have mingled with the local Telugus, making for a unique culture and cuisine.

The city’s rich history means that there’s lots to see, do, eat and experience in Hyderabad—definitely more than can be covered in a single chart or infographic. Still, here’s some of the top things to do in Hyderabad, this fast-growing, modern-yet-ancient city. Click the image for a larger version.

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