What’s new on The Good Life With IQ: August 2019

A post about our time on the peaceful little island of Nusa Ceningan, with a video to match; and some of the best pizza to be had in Hyderabad. All on The Good Life With IQ in August 2019.

In July, we did our first real holiday in southeast Asia, and where else but in Bali! We spent the first few days on tiny Nusa Ceningan, an island off the east coast. And we were delighted at how non-touristy and beautiful it was! So I decided to put together a video and blog post almost as soon as we got back. But first, to ease back into action after my extended break, I wrote a review of our new favourite pizzeria in Hyderabad.

On the blog in August 2019

IQ’s veg review: ‘Zza Bar – Some of the best pizza you’ll ever eat in Hyderabad

Turkish pizza - Zza Bar - New on The Good Life With IQ, August 2019

‘Zza Bar (short for ‘Pizza Bar’) may only be a little hole-in-the-wall vegetarian pizzeria, but it serves up some of the best pizza and cheesecake you’ll ever eat in Hyderabad. Here’s why.

Bali diaries: Peace and crashing waves on Nusa Ceningan

Mahana Point, Ceningan, Bali - New on The Good Life With IQ, August 2019

The island of Nusa Ceningan, just off Bali’s east coast, was surprisingly peaceful and incredibly picturesque. A great start to our week in Bali. Read all about it.

On my YouTube channel in August 2019

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