Yay! A review of mine’s been published in Lonely Planet Magazine India

I recently wrote a short reader’s review on Thinnakara Island, Lakshadweep and submitted it to Lonely Planet Magazine India. I never thought they’d publish it, but they did (with a few edits, naturally)! Of course, this isn’t a commissioned review or anything, just a reader’s contribution, but it’s still very reassuring. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come.

A big ‘thank you’ to you all for keeping me going by reading my blog!

Here’s the review I submitted. You can also read the complete post I wrote on Lakshadweep, on which this review is based.

Thinnakara Island: A beach-lover’s paradise

What worked: Thinnakara is a peaceful little resort island with very few visitors, 45 minutes by boat from Agatti (where the airport is), or 10 minutes from Bangaram. Accommodation is basic but charming: 10 thatched-roof tents with fans, lightbulbs and an attached ‘green toilet’ with shower; and homely local food served in the sand-floored dining room. The beach on the leeward side of Thinnakara is spectacular, with leaning palm trees and shallow, clear water. One can also walk to two tiny neighbouring islands at low tide, snorkel at a small shipwreck, and watch turtles swimming in the lagoon.

What didn’t work: Sadly, the beach on the windward side of the island is piled with plastic rubbish washed in from the ocean. Also, the ground water used in the green toilet and shower smells of rotten eggs because of its sulphur content. Asking for purified rain water to brush one’s teeth is recommended.

Thinnakara - View from the room
The view from our tent on Thinnakara

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  1. Ohhhh well done! I am really happy for you and obviously big congratulations! Wish you more moments like this and keep writing because you have people around here as well who like reading your posts 🙂 Good job!

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