An off-the-beaten-path Goan holiday

Between the end of September and the beginning of October 2014, my wife and I had decided to take full advantage of a coming long weekend, and had booked a nice holiday in Kashmir. Unfortunately, life had other plans and Kashmir was hit by its worst floods in recent memory, so we had to cast about for other options. We finally decided we would drive down to Goa.

Driving to Goa

So. We kicked off our trip at about 5:00 AM and headed down towards Shamsabad and the Bangalore highway. This was our planned route: Hyderabad-Jadcherla-Mahbubnagar-Raichur-Lingsugur-Mudgal-Bagalkot-Belgaum-Chorla-Aldona. I must say, I was impressed with the road. Not at all like a state highway, and good enough to hit 100 kmph over most of it. The only rough patches were before and after Raichur, about a kilometer or so long each time. Otherwise, a very nice road! The only real annoyance for us was that there were hardly any roadside eateries on the highway, so we had to head into the nearest town even for a cup of tea.

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