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Five great dark rums from all over the world that you need to try

There’s much more to dark rum than meets the eye (or the mouth and nose)! Good dark rums have as much flavour and complexity as good whiskey, and can be enjoyed just as much. Here are five great dark rums from different parts of the world that you should try if you have the chance.

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Four easy infusions with which to spice up your home bar

During our trip to the Seychelles in 2011-2012, we discovered an incredible spiced dark rum made by the local Takamaka Bay distillery. With its strong vanilla hit, this rum was something new to me, and got me thinking a bit about how alcohols are flavoured. When we got home—with a few bottles of that amazing rum, I might add—I was inspired to experiment with infusing some of the regular contents of our bar cabinet with some new flavours.
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