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Video Diary: Two Days in Beautiful Thekkady

The second leg of our Kerala trip was in the rolling hills and lush forests of Thekkady, where we spent two nights at the Lake Palace, deep inside the Periyar National Park.

The two days (actually, two-and-a-half) we spent at the Lake Palace in Thekkady were a mixed bag. On one hand, the facilities weren’t as nice as we would’ve expected. Also, there really wasn’t much to do there except hop on a passing safari boat. On the other hand, the location on the Periyar Lake was absolutely spectacular! And we got to see some of Periyar National Park’s wildlife pretty close up.

Of course, there’s more to Thekkady than the national park, which we found out when checked out of the Lake Palace. Luckily, our taxi driver was a local, so he knew some hidden spots with magnificent views! So we got the chance to soak up some of Thekkady’s vast vistas before heading off to Munroe Island for the next part of our trip.

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Video Diary

Check out the video diary of our two days in beautiful Thekkady below.

(Can’t see the full-screen button on the video? Try tilting your phone screen to the side.)

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