Video diary: Memories of Kullu Valley

A recent trip to Kullu Valley wasn’t quite what we expected. But we still came away with lots of great memories.

In April, we headed North into Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh for a break from the South Indian summer. We thought going just before the start of the tourist season, while it was still relatively cold, would give us the best of both worlds.

Imagine our surprise when we walked straight into a heatwave in the valley. Not just that; the drive up from Chandigarh and back wasn’t a very enjoyable experience either.

But aside from that, we actually a had a great time! From seeing Naggar Castle and the snowy Lahaul Valley to discovering hidden villages on our hired motorbike, we had some incredible experiences there.

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Video diary: Memories of Kullu Valley

Here’s a quick video diary of some of our best memories from Kullu Valley.

(Can’t see the full-screen button on the video? Try tilting your phone screen to the side.)

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