What’s new on The Good Life With IQ: February 2019

Discovering the crumbling grandeur and 10,000 year-old history of Bundi; Getting within touching distance of some of Africa’s most magnificent wildlife species; and a video on each, so you can really get into the action. All on The Good Life With IQ in February 2019.

Taking the advice of some friends of The Good Life With IQ, I’d decided to put together a video to go with every new blog post. Turns out, that was easier said than done! And that’s why this month’s update might look pretty lean to some. But I’ll hopefully be able to streamline things soon to the point that you’ll get four blog posts and four videos in your inbox every month. Until then, thanks for reading (and watching)!

On the blog in February 2019

Bundi, a town lost in time

Balconies, Raniji ki Baodi, Bundi

The sleepy town of Bundi was the second stop on our motorcycle tour in Rajasthan, and we managed to discover some of its ancient secrets. Take a look at what we saw in Bundi.

Our Kenya safari: Up close with Africa’s incredible wildlife

Kenya safari - Masai Mara - Lioness and cubs

Our first visit to Africa wouldn’t have been complete without a safari through some of Kenya’s national parks. Take a look at some of the wildlife we were within almost touching of during our Kenya safari.

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On YouTube in February 2018

Check out my YouTube channel for earlier videos.

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    1. Thanks, Ryan! Yes, the safari was amazing. Wish we had known about the airstrip in Masai Mara, though 😬

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