The Good Life With IQ roundup collage October 2018

What’s new on The Good Life With IQ: October 2018

Riding the rapids on the White Nile; how to plan a great motorcycle tour; glimpses of Durga Puja 2018, Bengali style; and possibly Hyderabad’s best kept vegetarian secret. All on The Good Life With IQ in October 2018.

Blog posts in October 2018

An adrenaline rush on the White Nile in Jinja

Jinja (Rafting) Rapids Backwards

They say the rapids on the White Nile in Jinja give the river its name. And rafting them is an adrenaline rush like no other. Here’s how we rode the White Nile rapids

16 tips to stay safe and have fun on that awesome motorcycle tour

Bikes on the highway - Motorcycle touring tips

A long motorcycle tour will give you a great feeling of freedom, excitement and adventure—if it’s done right. Here are 16 tips that can help make sure you have a great time on the road. Check out these motorcycle touring tips

Durga Puja 2018: Glimpses of gods and mortals

Ladies in tranditional dress - Durga Puja 2018

In most parts of India, October is all about celebrating Navratri and Dussehra. But some parts of the country celebrate Durga Puja instead. And no one does Durga Puja quite like the Bengalis, no matter where they are. Take a look at some snapshots of our Durga Puja 2018

IQ’s veg review: Tatva, possibly Hyderabad’s best-kept vegetarian secret

Veg galouti kabab - Tatva restaurant review

Tatva may just be Hyderabad’s best kept secret, as far as vegetarian restaurants go. With excellent Italian, continental and north Indian cuisine, this is a place foodies should try at least once. Read my review of Tatva

Videos in October 2018

Whoops! No videos this month. Sorry! You can check out my YouTube channel for earlier videos, though.

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