What’s new on The Good Life With IQ: March 2019

Exploring the largest hill fort in Rajasthan during our motorcycle tour, with a video to give you better feel of what it was like. And a video on some hidden gems at Hyderabad’s most popular tourist spot. All on The Good Life With IQ in March 2019.

So last month was pretty busy, so much so that I could only put together one blog post and two videos. But there’s lots of travelling on the cards this month, so I should be able to post some great content soon. Until then, thanks for reading (and watching)!

On the blog in March 2019

Chittorgarh Fort: ancient, massive and imposing

Chittorgarh Fort - Samadhisvara temple

Chittorgarh is said to be the biggest of Rajasthan’s hill forts, and is the backdrop for many legends of Rajput bravery. We stopped by there on our motorcycle tour, and here’s what we saw in Chittorgarh.

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On my YouTube channel in March 2018

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