Steep rapids - White Nile river - Jinja, Uganda

Video diary: A crazy white water ride on the White Nile in Uganda

We did half a day of white water rafting in Jinja, Uganda during our visit to Africa a few years ago. And it was just as exhilarating as it looked!

We had always dreamed of seeing Africa and its incredible wildlife, and a few years ago, we fulfilled that dream. After spending a week on safari in Kenya, we spent some time with relatives in Kampala. it was during that time that we caught a glimpse of the White Nile river, the main tributary of the legendary Nile. And when we found out that there were white water rafting tours on the river, we jumped at the chance.

So we spent half a day riding the rapids on the White Nile at Jinja. Some of it was calm, some of it was crazy, and we got dumped in the water more than once. And all of it made for one incredible ride!

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